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 Coll’Them All

You've invested hundreds of hours and a lot of money collecting your video games. Get in touch with your collection anywhere, anytime.
Coll’them All is here to help you manage your collection. It’s an app for collectors, made by a collector. It can handle games on all systems : console, arcade, mobiles and computers.

  • Quickly add games to your collection with the game title or its serial number or by scanning the barcode and retrieve the fundamentals information from an online database (title, zone, genre, console...),


  • Describe precisely your games state (box, instructions, cart, spine cards, foam, plastic case, advertisement...), include photos, notes, price/currency,purchase date,...


  • Keep track of your purchases history : games and prices by month, (app can automatically handle the currency rates for you). Export your collection by mail in CSV or PDF.


  • Navigate inside your collection : search games or see statistics : by console,console type, game type, zone, fullset, etc...


  • Navigate an online database including more than 100000 games, and complete your collection, your wish or sell list.


    Coll’Them All is an application for iPhone running on iOS 5+, in english or french.

    Next release will include collection sharing, in-app way to trade games with others users by matching users sales and wishes list.
    iPad version available in april.
    Android version available in june. Stay tuned !